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All on X in Greensboro, NC

All on x 3d model
After All on x restoration, an inside look into the mouth.
Prosthodontists at Phillips Prosthodontics is proud to offer fully supported fixed full arch tooth replacement options (All on X, All On 4). Since Dr. Paulo Malo introduced the All on 4 concept in 1998, similar treatment protocols have helped thousands of patients who need full arch tooth replacement.

Defining the Process

The All on X procedure is an excellent solution for patients who need to have all teeth in an arch removed, or who are already missing these teeth.

This solution utilizes implants positioned in a specific configuration to allow more teeth to be restored with fewer implants.

Your new teeth will be fully supported by implants with only minimal passive tissue contact.

This allows a solid biting surface and eliminates the risk of experiencing pain from tissue compression generally experienced with conventional dentures.
Case study of all on x implant with before and after pictures.

We work in close collaboration with an oral surgeon (who will place the implants) and a dental lab that specializes in these procedures.

Together, we use computer aided design, cone beam CT scans, precise intraoral scans and other dental records to plan for the implants to be positioned into as much natural, strong bone structure as possible.

Typically, the procedure utilizes 4- 6 implants, with some placed at angles that enhance the final restorative design.

Benefits of All On X Implants

Before determining if this is the right treatment for you, it is important to undergo a thorough evaluation with our office as well as with the oral surgeon who will be placing the implants.

During this evaluation and planning process, we will discuss the risks and benefits of the All on X concept as well as other treatment options to determine which will best fit your lifestyle and needs.

We will also determine if your anatomy will allow this process to be successful.

In certain cases, we may recommend an alternative procedure if you are not an appropriate candidate for All on X treatment.
3D rendering of all on x implant in a jaw

We find that the All on X treatment is the closest feel to natural teeth that is currently available.

It is an excellent option for patients who want to experience a solid feel to their bite and who do not want a removable prosthesis.

Since an All on X prosthesis is fixed (not removable) it eliminates the need to worry about removing your dentures (ex: for medical procedures for which general anesthetic is required) or having your dentures out at an inopportune time (ex: if company comes to the door or an emergency arises).

Patients who are currently suffering with natural teeth that seem to be in constant need of repair or restoration due to decay, fracture or pain can also benefit. Removal of damaged teeth is important to overall health.

Replacing these teeth with a fixed implant restoration such as an All on X prosthesis can provide extremely comfortable and beautiful replacement.

Realizing the Benefits

The majority of patients who have had this procedure say they would recommend it to others.

In most cases, there is an immediate improvement in the quality of life following the surgery, since a fixed (non-removable) restoration can often be placed on the same day the implants are placed.

This allows patients to benefit from a more stable bite, improved appearance, and increased self-esteem in a short period of time.

These benefits can be experienced throughout the lifetime of the prosthesis.
3D rendering of all on x implant in a jaw

Understanding How the Procedure Works

Once you have been determined to be a good candidate for this procedure, we work with your oral surgeon to plan the details of the implant positions as well as the interim and final prosthesis.

This information is used to create precision surgical guides for implant placement and teeth that can be secured during the surgical procedure.
3D rendering of all on x implant in a jaw

At the time of your implant surgery, a provisional implant bridge is placed and secured.

You will wear this denture throughout the healing / osseointegration of the implants, you do not need to remove the teeth.

Once the implants are fully integrated and solid (2-6 months depending on bone quality), we will fabricate a new precision designed zirconia or porcelain restoration that is even stronger, and more esthetic than the provisional bridge.

The final restoration is contoured to your well healed tissues to allow ease for home care and hygiene of your new teeth.

This entire process ranges from 6 months to year, depending on your individual needs.

Keep in mind, you will be wearing fixed teeth, that you do not need to remove, during most of this time.

Full Mouth Dental Implants in Greensboro NC

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