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Conus Prosthesis

Smile of a patient after implanting conus prosthesis

Conus prosthesis base that is added on the jaw

A jaw of a patient with drilled screws before conus prosthesis implant

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Realizing The Benefits

The conus prosthesis has several benefits:
A 3d model of conus prosthesis.
  • Denture is stabilized on 4-6 solid implants to prevent tissue pressure and discomfort.

  • Precise 5 degree taper provides a tight friction fit of the teeth for improved retention and stability

  • Improved chewing function as a result of the stability from the implants

  • Improved taste and temperature sensation compared to a conventional denture due to less coverage of roof of mouth

  • Design of denture can provide proper lip support as needed for patients who have experienced significant bone loss over time.

  • Can be removed for ease of at home hygiene to maintain the health of the implants and the gum tissue

Seeing Who Can Benefit

Before determining if this is the right treatment for you, it is important to undergo a thorough evaluation with our office as well as with the oral surgeon who will be placing the implants. During this evaluation and planning process, we will discuss the risks and benefits of the Conus concept as well as other treatment options to determine which will best fit your lifestyle and needs. We will also determine if your anatomy will allow this process to be successful. The Conus concept requires a specific amount of bone for stability, so additional bone grafting procedures are sometimes necessary. In certain cases, we may recommend an alternative procedure if you are not an appropriate candidate for the Conus concept.

We find that the Conus prosthesis an excellent combination of securing your teeth and access for hygiene. It is an excellent option for patients who want to experience a more solid bite than a conventional denture but still be able to remove their teeth for at home cleaning. This option can also be a solution for patients who are concerned about future home care needs, especially if they may need to have a care giver assist with their daily care routine. It also eliminates the pain and worry associated with natural teeth that seem to be in constant need of repair or due restoration to decay, fracture or pain.

Understanding How The Procedure Works

The 'Conus' prosthesis is defined by the precision 5 degree cone shaped connectors that are placed on the implants. A matching cap is placed inside the denture that forms a press fit with the Conus abutment. This results in exceptional retention while still allowing removal.

Your new denture is designed as a first step and is used to determine the best placement for the implants. Once the implants are placed, you will wear this conventional denture while the implants integrate with the bone to provide a solid foundation.

The final step is fabrication of the custom Conus abutments and a definitive Conus denture with specific design features to provide exceptional function, durability, and esthetics.
A model of conus prosthesis

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