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Multiple Tooth Implants Greensboro

Beautiful senior woman smiling and holding a mirror up to her beautiful smile with multiple tooth implants at Phillips Prosthodontics in Greensboro, NCTooth loss, unfortunately, is not all that uncommon of an occurrence. Millions of individuals have experienced the loss of at least one tooth.

Statistics show that over one-third of American adults have encountered the loss of a permanent tooth at some point in their lives.

While losing a single tooth may seem manageable, and maybe even unnoticeable, the scenario changes drastically when multiple teeth are involved.

That is why we are happy here in Greensboro to offer multiple tooth implants to our patients to help them restore their smile.

The necessity for multiple tooth implants arises from various factors.

Beyond mere aesthetics, individuals may seek these dental implants to address issues related to chewing difficulties or persistent discomfort in the jaw or remaining teeth, often caused by shifting.

Teeth will shift into the space left by any missing teeth.

Furthermore, opting for dental implants ensures the maintenance of optimal oral hygiene practices, a crucial aspect of overall dental health.

One of the primary reasons driving individuals towards multiple tooth implants is the preservation of dental and jawbone health.

The absence of several teeth can lead to deterioration of the jawbone very quickly, and even more so over time, potentially altering facial contours and affecting overall oral function.

How do dental implants work?

The procedure for multiple tooth implants begins with a comprehensive assessment of the area to ensure it is free from any underlying issues such as tooth remnants, root fragments, infections, or inflamed gums.

If any gum infections are present, they are treated and allowed to heal before proceeding.

Subsequently, holes are drilled into the jawbone to accommodate the posts that will serve as anchors for the implant teeth. These are strategically positioned to mimic the natural alignment of teeth.

Following the placement of the implant posts, a healing period is necessary to allow the surrounding tissues to recover.

Once the tissues have healed adequately, prosthetic teeth are affixed to the dental implants. The result is a seamless restoration that closely resembles natural teeth in both appearance and functionality.

With multiple tooth implants, individuals can regain the ability to smile confidently, enjoy a diverse range of foods, and laugh without reservation.

Embracing the Benefits of Dental Implants

Multiple tooth implants offer many benefits and are a remarkable solution for individuals facing the challenges associated with tooth loss.

Not only do they restore aesthetics and functionality, but they also promote long-term dental and jawbone health.
With implant teeth that closely mimic natural teeth, individuals can enjoy restored confidence and comfort in their daily lives.

dental implants for multiple missing teeth

For further information or to address any questions regarding multiple tooth implants, feel free to reach out to our team at Phillips Prosthodontics by calling us at 336-274-5400.

We are dedicated to providing personalized care and guiding you through the journey towards a revitalized smile. Don't let missing teeth hold you back—explore the transformative possibilities of multiple tooth implants today and schedule a consultation!
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