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Removable Partial Dentures
Greensboro, NC

A bar retained denture model at Phillips Prosthodontics in Greensboro, NCAt Phillips Prosthodontics, we understand that sometimes the teeth you were born with fail you. When this happens, we want you to know that there's an option: removable partial dentures. You may wish to learn more about these and whether they're a good option for you if your natural teeth are no longer working for you.

What are Removable Partial Dentures

Typically, removable partial dentures consist of replacement teeth that are attached to a plastic base that's gum-colored. They have a metal frame and clasps so they can connect to the nearby teeth. Sometimes, other types of connectors that are more natural looking are used. For instance, precision attachments are an alternative option because they're more aesthetically pleasing, but they also cost more. Regardless of how they look, these are designed with your specific needs in mind.

Sometimes you'll also need to have crowns placed on your other nearby teeth to help make your removable partial denture fit better. This is because you'll need something to attach this denture to.

How Removable Partial Dentures Are Fabricated

To make you a high-quality removable partial denture we must first take an accurate impression of your whole mouth. This is what the dental lab will make the base of your denture from. In doing so, they'll choose from various sizes and shapes of teeth to recreate a natural-looking smile for you. We'll also make sure that your denture comes together with the remainder of your teeth in a way that's properly balanced and that everything fits together well.

Once your new removable partial dentures are fitted in your mouth, they'll need to have some adjustments made to them over time. This is because your mouth naturally changes as you grow older (e.g., bone and gum ridged recede and shrink) and this will affect how your denture fits. Having such adjustments made is important because otherwise, you'll develop sores and infections in your mouth.

How to Care for Removable Partial Dentures

Cleaning a removable partial denture is somewhat different from cleaning your natural teeth. It's important for you to do this each day to remove any food or plaque on your denture, so this debris doesn't permanently stain it.

Understanding what removable partial dentures are and how they work is the first step, calling Phillips Prosthodontics at 336-274-5400 to set up an appointment is the second step, one you should take today.
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Removable Partial Dentures Greensboro • Julie A. Phillips, DDS
if your natural teeth are no longer working for you, you may wish to learn more about Removable Partial Dentures and whether they're a good option for you .
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