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Soft Liner/Tissue Conditioning

A man with pain in his gums holding his cheeks.A soft liner has been placed in your prosthesis to help your soft tissue heal more quickly and help maintain retention throughout the healing process.

This liner is meant to be a temporary solution only and should not be worn for longer than 2-3 months. The material is porous and will absorb odors, stains, and bacteria. Over time, your soft liner could begin to separate from your prosthesis, harden and have areas that peel off. Eventually, this soft liner will need to be replaced with a hard, long-lasting material, or a new prosthesis (as discussed in your treatment plan).

Care Of A Prosthesis With A Soft Liner

  • Whenever the prosthesis is not in your mouth, it should be wrapped in a wet paper towel and stored in a denture cup or Ziploc bag to maintain moisture.

  • Do not soak in water unless you are cleaning with a tablet cleaner such as Polident or Efferdent.

  • Do not soak in any dental cleanser, use only soap (i.e., dawn dish soap) and water to clean your prosthesis.

  • Use a soft toothbrush to brush the inside of the prosthesis (where the soft liner is located). Do not use regular toothpaste on your denture teeth. It is abrasive and over time will dull and or scratch the surface of the teeth causing them to pick up stains or bacteria.

  • Always clean them over a towel or a sink with water to act as a cushion in case they are dropped. Dentures/partials are slippery when wet and can break if dropped.

  • Always store your denture where pets cannot get to them. In a drawer or cabinet is best as pets will climb on things to get to your denture/partial. They love to chew on them!

Sore Spots

  • If you are experiencing sore spots, you may need to remove your prosthesis for temporary relief. If you feel the need to remove it, reinsert the prosthesis 1 hour before your adjustment appointment so we can locate the offending areas.

  • Please do not try to do any adjustments yourself. It is possible to irreversibly damage the prosthesis. We are happy to do the adjustment for you. Sometimes a small adjustment can make a world of difference. Please call our office if you feel you need an adjustment.

Broken Denture/Partial

  • If your denture/partial fractures, please call at 336-274-5400 and schedule an appointment for repair. Please describe as best you can how and where it is broken.

  • Please bring any pieces or teeth that have broken off of the denture/partial with you to your appointment.
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A soft liner can be placed in your prosthesis to help your soft tissue heal more quickly and help maintain retention throughout the healing process! (336) 890-8218
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